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Coming soon in Ocean Beach! New Construction!

This is a rare opportunity to own a meticulously designed, new construction house in the Ocean Beach community of San Diego, California just 300-feet from the sand featuring the finest materials and today’s modern conveniences. Enjoy world-class shopping, weekly farmers markets, great dining, and entertainment on the charming Newport Avenue just a 5-minute walk away.
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Time Management & Organization

Does it seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day, or dollars in the bank? Is your car usually running on empty, and your trash can full? You’re suffering from a common affliction of being too busy — you have no time to spare, and no time to unwind. The good news is that
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When You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

A do-it-yourself project can be an empowering way to save money, provided you know what you’re doing. But making even one simple mistake could put a strain on your back or your bank account. Often, it’s best to put safety first and call a professional. Here are four types of  home improvement projects that are best left