How to Market Your Company with Business Holiday Cards

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Business holiday cards are an often-overlooked marketing tool that can generate goodwill (and good sales) for any business.


Some businesses consider them to be a waste of money, but not using them can also be a waste of resources.


Maybe you’ve thought about it before and decided against it. Or maybe the whole idea of sending out greeting cards has totally slipped your busy, entrepreneurial mind.


Either way, we’re here to tell you why and how sending business holiday cards can improve your business relationships this holiday season.


5 Reasons to Send Business Holiday Cards This Year

Most people know they should send greeting cards. They’re simply unable to come up with reasons to get out and do it.

Maybe you’re one of those people. If so, here are 5 excellent reasons to send holiday cards this year.


1. To Send Tidings and Good Cheer

Greeting cards are a great way to generate goodwill among your customer base — because they’re not asking anything of the customer.

They’re simply there to say hello, wish them a great holiday season, and remind them that their business matters to you.


2. Drive Your Brand Home

Sending a card that is on-brand reminds customers why they work with you. Plus, these cards can improve your branding at the same time.

It’s a win-win!


3. Market Your Business

Send your holiday cards in early December and see a jump in sales in early January.

When customers come back from Christmas break, they’ll need to pick up your card again. Perhaps they’ll be reminded that they meant to email you before Christmas, but forgot.


4. Say Thanks

Your customers should know they’re important to you. And you shouldn’t be afraid to say it.

Send them a holiday card as a second reminder.


5. It’s the Only Kind of Direct Mail People Like

Most businesses can sniff out direct mail from a mile away. While it generates sales, few people are excited to open those letters.


Cute holiday business cards are a different story. You’re marketing your business in a non-offensive, and even whimsical way.


Rules for Extra Bang for Your Holiday Buck

Sending holiday greeting cards to let clients know you’re thinking of them is a simple premise. It also has many tangible and intangible benefits.


But you can grow the benefits even more if you follow a few simple rules:


1. Use Snail Mail

It’s so tempting to send e-everything now. E-vites, e-cards, and even e-events are the new normal.

These are cute when the subject is personal. But many of us spend time trying to find ways to get fewer emails – not more!

Snail mail is the way to go for sending business holiday cards, if you can afford it.

Emails are too easy to delete. And many businesses filter their emails and may not even open them before filtering them through to spam.

Here’s another good reason: companies may automatically filter them out because some contain viruses and spyware.

Plus, business holiday cards in paper form are seen over and over again by the client. With all that exposure, they’re like the gift that keeps on giving!


2. Make It Personal

Pre-printed cards make it easier and less expensive to send cards in bulk. But don’t shy away from writing a personalized message in each card.

It’s not hard to do. Just wish them luck on the specific project you helped them with in the future.

Whatever you write, be sincere and authentic.


3. Send Them On Time

Don’t wait until December 23rd to mail your Christmas cards. Everyone’s gone home by then. By the time they get back, most offices are exhausted and the Christmas spirit has worn off.

Hit them hard during the height of the festive season. Aim for the second week of December to account for slow postal times.


4. Stay on Brand

Skip the simple “Happy Holidays” and go for a card that represents who you are as a company. Don’t forget to remain appropriate.

If your brand is very formal and professional, be sure to send a card that reflects this. If you’re silly and whimsical, send a card that reflects that.

Don’t worry about going over the top, you can do this while keeping it simple.


What to Avoid When Sending Holiday Business Cards


1. Don’t Send Religious Cards

Opt for a secular design and avoid any cards for the humorous section.

Unless you’re sending a card to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America or your local Jewish community center, you can bet that the office is filled with people of all faiths — including no faiths at all.

Also, avoiding humorous cards avoids offending those who are religious.


2. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Business holiday cards are informal and fun. But good grammar never takes a day off.

Proofread printed messages and check them twice before printing. Don’t forget to print a few extra cards in case you make a mistake when writing personal messages.


3. Making a Sales Pitch

Not every marketing tool needs to sell your company’s services directly. In the case of greeting cards, not selling does all the selling you need.

Add your name and your business name for reference, so they know who the card is from.

But don’t toss in your business card, special offer, or make a sales pitch in the message!

It can be hard to turn down an opportunity to make one last sale before the end of the year, but remember it’s the holidays. No one wants to think about work. Don’t be the one to make them think about the office.


Send Business Holiday Cards with Style

If you follow these simple rules, you can’t go wrong with a holiday business cards.

They return far more value than the upfront cost, and they’re a great way to drive repeat business while simultaneously thanking your valuable customers for all they do!